VIA Rail ‘The Canadian’ Toronto to Vancouver Train Route

VIA Rail ‘The Canadian’ Toronto to Vancouver Train Route

Aboard VIA Rail’s classic overnight train, The Canadian french: Le Canadien, you will step into Canada’s golden past and experience a unique, deluxe trip from Toronto to Vancouver with upscale amenities, made to order meals in mid-century rail dining cars, and glass dome observation car. The journey offers a breathtaking perspective on the vastness of this diverse country; from the flat prairies, to the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and into bustling Pacific cities, including Toronto’s financial district.

VIA’s The Canadian runs daily between Toronto¬†Canada Rail Vacations and Vancouver with intermediate stops at Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper, Kamloops, and Seattle via Bellingham. The train is the longest passenger train in North America, making it a great choice for those looking to take in the sights at a leisurely pace.

The eastbound journey begins and the westbound ends at VIA’s neoclassical Pacific Central Station, located just east of downtown. From here, the train heads east along BNSF tracks through suburban communities until it crosses the New Westminster Bridge into Vancouver and leaves BNSF for CN trackage east of town. As you cross the city, the train enters the industrial zone of Burnaby and then passes railway yards and industry as it makes its way towards downtown Vancouver.

When you board the train, it is important to have all of your tickets and travel documents with you as you will need them for check-in at each stop. Make sure that your documents include the QR code provided to you by VIA Rail and a note of the correct departure time. In addition, you will need a valid photo ID when checking in for your ticket.

At each stop, the train will have several passenger cars to accommodate the travellers’ needs. Economy class is the least expensive option with comfortable and spacious seats, while Sleeper Plus and Prestige Class cabins provide more luxurious accommodations for a higher price.

While onboard, take a tour of the Dome Car and enjoy its impressive views. Alternatively, take advantage of the many public areas to relax and read a book or socialize with fellow passengers. There are also scheduled activities, such as craft beer and wine tasting sessions.

While on the train, be courteous and don’t hog the Dome Car chairs, as this can be annoying to others. While on The Canadian, we observed a gentleman who sat in the same chair during the entire journey and only moved when he was getting food or using the restrooms. If possible, try to sit in a different seat to get the most out of your trip.

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