Using an EV Inventory Management System to Stock More Electric Vehicles on Dealer Lots

The days when the auto industry had a 60-day supply of cars on their lots may be over. But that doesn’t mean dealerships are stocked with EVs. EVs are appearing more often on dealer lots, but many of those vehicles don’t appeal to buyers. A few savvy dealers are going above and beyond to make the EV experience more appealing.

That effort includes putting more of the vehicles on their lots and setting up charging stations for customers. At Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC in Boardman, Ohio, the dealership has two charging stations for its service department and plans to add more for the public. The dealership also has partnered with local energy providers to offer charging-infrastructure installation services for new customers.

Other dealerships are offering Buy EVs near me lease deals and rebates, which help consumers afford the more expensive vehicle. Consumers can also get the full federal tax credit upfront at the dealership, rather than having to wait until they file their taxes.

These efforts are boosting EV sales. EVs are outselling gasoline-powered vehicles at dealerships, according to Cox Automotive. The company’s research shows that EVs now account for about 11% of the total inventory at franchised car and truck dealerships across the country. That’s up from 1.4% last year, and is expected to climb even more this year.

But despite the strong demand for electric cars, there are still big gaps in availability. For example, one-third of all new electric vehicles are headed to California, Florida or Texas, according to data from CarGurus, an online car-shopping site. But drivers in states like Montana have just a few options to choose from.

Days’-supply tallies vary by model, but the most popular models—like the Volkswagen ID.4 and the Nissan Ariya—are scarce in many areas. For example, South Dakota only has three on hand, while Nebraska and Wyoming have none.

The good news is that dealers can expect the supply of EVs to improve as manufacturers ramp production and recovery from pandemic-related supply chain issues continue. And, if you can’t find what you want in your area, the right EV inventory management tools can help you order more from the manufacturer and have it delivered to your dealership as soon as possible.

Using an EV inventory management system can help you keep track of inventory and sales trends, allowing you to automate the reorder process and avoid stock shortages. And, when you can keep your EV inventory at just the right level to meet customer demands, they will be more likely to come back to you again. And that can have a ripple effect—more customers, more sales, and a better bottom line for your dealership.