Commercial Power Washing – What Facilities Managers Should Know About This Efficient Equipment

commercial power washing

Commercial power washing is an affordable alternative use of high pressure water jetting to remove dirt, molds, grit, dust, mildew, pollen, mold from hard-to-reach objects such as concrete walls, boats, buildings, and vehicles without damaging or degrading the surface. Power washing services offer quick drying times, high visibility, ease of control, safety, and many other advantages over chemical-based treatments. These benefits can save your company money and time in preparing and repairing outdoor and indoor environments. But there are still important questions about the best way to use this service. Here are several of the most frequently asked questions about commercial power washing:

How do you get all the grime off a car? Often, commercial power washing companies to use a truck-mounted unit to distribute grime between jets and a ground-and-water solution that penetrate the surface, drawing out dirt and grime and removing built-up contaminants. This method of grime removal is often preferred over using chemicals because it’s more effective and doesn’t damage or discolor painted surfaces.

Why do you use your truck-mounted unit? Do you have to be at your business or have clients bring their vehicles in for cleaning? If so, a truck-mounted unit can make the job easier. You’ll be able to clean exterior surfaces more quickly and thoroughly. The truck can even help move dirt or sediment to other areas or dispose of trash on the curb AppealPoint’s commercial power washing products are easy to use on all types of exterior surfaces, including patios, walkways, decking, porches, facades, and more. The truck mounts the unit securely and safely above the surface, and you can complete the job in a matter of minutes, without having to disturb people or pets, or worry about them getting wet.

What if there aren’t any surfaces to wash off? No problem! Using commercial power washing equipment, you can make your driveway, parking lot, and even gutters look great by blasting away dirt and heavy sawdust. In fact, high pressure washing isn’t just for surface cleaning. You can apply high pressure air to even hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, which will dissolve stubborn stains and dirt without damaging your drive or lawn.

Are there special surfaces that need to be treated? Of course there are! Sidewalks and driveways are two great examples, as are porches and patios. In addition, there are a variety of different applications for commercial power washing machines, including automatic systems that clean all of your exterior surfaces throughout the season, mildew and stain extraction systems that clean small stains on all types of exterior surfaces, and pressure washers that can even clean out the root cause of root stains. Depending upon what kind of surface you need to treat, and what you’re hoping to accomplish with using commercial power washing equipment, different machines are designed for the job.

The truth is that commercial power washing equipment can be a powerful and incredibly helpful asset for many commercial properties. Power washing is effective, economical, and can be used on any number of different surfaces throughout your facility. Take some time to consider what you could do with this kind of technology. Your facilities managers should be encouraging you to get these rooms scrubbed, stained, and cleaned. Go ahead and talk to a commercial power washing expert today to find out how it can help your facilities.