Cabinet Refacing Service in Richmond, Virginia

cabinet refacing Richmond VA

Cabinet refacing Richmond VA is becoming an increasingly popular way to update your kitchen. No matter how much time you have saved since purchasing that old beat up old cabinet, just think about it for a second. First off, what if you decide that you are tired of that color you have been using or the shape that particular cabinet has taken. Well, it is now time to get it painted over, refaced, and updated. Kitchen cabinet refacing in Richmond, Virginia is quickly becoming one of the most sought after home improvement projects. Kitchen cabinet refacing provides your kitchen with a new, refreshed appearance in just a fraction of the time a full renovation would normally take.

With little to no downtime, make your dream kitchen even more practical in days, not months. Refacing will keep your existing kitchen cabinets in place, allowing you to keep your current kitchen cabinets in place, which could mean saving you money and time in the future. A skilled cabinet refacing service in Richmond, Virginia can help you achieve the professional look you want for your home while saving you money in the process. Your kitchen cabinets are a valuable part of your home, so investing a little bit of time into choosing the right cabinet refacing service for you is very important.

How does cabinet refacing work? When you decide that it is time to get your existing cabinets painted over or re-refaced, your existing cabinet boxes and drawers are removed and the doors and drawer fronts are completely replace. The interior of your cabinets will be totally stripped down, including any hardware such as knobs or handles. You will then be able to choose from either new cabinets, or just replacement doors, or just new drawer fronts. This all can be done in a single afternoon with the assistance of a professional.

How much money will I save when I do cabinet refacing? Depending on the quality of your original wood or laminate finish, your new cabinets could have the same high-quality finish as the rest of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. This will allow you to save even more money since you will be able to purchase high-quality replacement doors at the same price, or close to the cost, of your new cabinets. The end result will be a kitchen or bathroom cabinet refacing job that adds value to your home.

Why should I consider a kitchen cabinet refacing service in Richmond, Virginia? Cabinet refacing services in Richmond, Virginia can help you achieve the timeless, elegant design you desire. A trained cabinet refacing service in Richmond, Virginia will provide you with the highest quality workmanship, creating the illusion of a newer, more updated design. You will also save money because refaced cabinets will often use the same materials as the rest of your house. This will allow you to get the same quality for a lower price, and save money when compared to the cost of purchasing new cabinet doors. You may also qualify for home improvement tax deductions.

How can I find a skilled cabinet refacing service in Richmond, Virginia? By choosing to have your cabinet refaced in the city of Richmond, you are choosing to work with a company that provides top quality cabinet refacing service with an experienced cabinetmaker. You want to work with a company that crafts each cabinet door from the finest wood and laminate available. Your new doors will be crafted by a craftsman who has made hundreds of custom cabinets in the Richmond area and is very familiar with the wood types and grain patterns used in the wood. A skilled cabinet refacing service in Richmond, Virginia will also create the doors in a way that allows them to match the rest of your house so that your home’s appearance matches the rest of your home.