Boat Hire Malta – Explore the Mediterranean Sea

You can charter a boat in Malta and explore the island’s waters. The country is famous for its crystal clear water and warm climate. This makes it ideal for sightseeing and snorkeling. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a bareboat or a skippered sailing yacht. Boat hire Malta offers a range of boats for rent, including motorboats, sailboats and cruisers.

Sailing in Malta is a fun experience for all ages. Whether you want to get away for a romantic weekend, take a family outing or enjoy a day with friends, hiring a private yacht is a great way to do so. Many boat hire companies offer lessons in boat handling and navigation. They also provide a fridge and powerful sound system for your comfort and convenience.

If you want a more relaxing and secure way to sail, hiring a skipper is your best option. A skipper is qualified to drive the boat, and is a good tour guide. His or her knowledge of Malta will allow you to relax and enjoy your time in the Mediterranean Sea. During a trip, you can spend some time on the helm to go fishing or simply take a break to enjoy the sunshine.

A skipper’s knowledge of the Maltese Islands can help you avoid a lot of trouble when you are out in the water. Besides, he or she is well equipped to give you a customized itinerary. He or she can even arrange a meal on board your private yacht.

Chartering a boat is an exciting experience for everyone, whether you want to explore Malta’s hidden beaches or head to the nearby island of Gozo. But before booking a vessel, be sure to check with the Maltese embassy in your country to make sure you can legally travel. In addition, you will need to obtain a non-refundable yacht charter insurance.

Visiting Malta is a great opportunity to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The island is surrounded by picturesque beaches and cliffs. There boat hire malta are also plenty of restaurants and snack bars in the area, making it a perfect destination for families with children.

Malta has a rich history and culture, and you can see some of the oldest buildings in the world here. Some areas have been declared World Heritage Sites. Although the islands are small, they have a lot to offer for all tastes. For example, if you are interested in a beach party, Paradise Bay Beach is the perfect spot. It offers spectacular views of the nearby island of Gozo, as well as the natural caves of Comino. Alternatively, you can visit the Blue Window, a natural monument located in Dwejra Bay.

Boat hire Malta is one of the most reliable and affordable providers of yachts for rent in Malta. Its owners moved to the country three years ago after experiencing a family holiday in the Mediterranean. Their aim was to offer visitors a unique and unforgettable experience.